Pulses® measure and monitor the heart rate of your company. The personal and business analysis serve as the basis for your company’s well-being. Pulses® take personalities of employees into account and structurally measure how they feel. This allows you, for example, to keep track of the effects of certain policy changes in real time. Send out questions specifically to teams or to the entire company, depending on what you want to know. Stay informed about, for example, the involvement, and well-being of your teams monthly!

People Analytics

Measured in real time, on a personal level

Pulses® are designed in a way that they take every individual’s personality into account. Each animal is linked to a number of validated personality tests (Big Five, MBTI, etc.) and serves as the basis for the individual, team and corporate analysis. This way, Pulses® are able to interpret signals differently for each person and therefore, more accurate. Every individual has its own habits and needs after all. Pulses® are categorized and provide real time HR analytics.

Werkdruk verlagen

Measure what you want, whenever you want it

The TAEMio-Team has already prepared a number of standard Pulses® for you, but custom made Pulses® are available too! Specific questions within your company can be the subject of a set of questions. This way, you can measure how employees feel about your changes in strategy, or measure important outcomes of your employee satisfaction survey every month. Pulses® enable you!

In addition, we currently offer the following Pulses®: assessment of the current and ideal culture, engagement/well-being, innovation, communication, working from home, stress.

Autonomous growth

Is your company ready to grow?

Innovation and change

How innovative and willing to change are your employees?


Measure employee engagement and well-being

Operational Excellence

What is the operational capacity of your workforce?

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