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TAEMio takes the stage

Get to know TAEMio better. This video introduces its main parts and benefits. It also gives a glimpse of our TAEMio rockstars. Join us on this quick tour!

TAEMio takes the stage

Employee engagement

TAEMio in 6 steps

  1. Find out the best plan for your business;
  2. Invite employees via e-mail;
  3. Employees open their mail and download our app;
  4. Swipe away! (10-20 minutes);
  5. Download and view your personal, team, and corporate analyses!
  6. Start building better teams.

Data-driven optimization

Measure and optimize team performance with objective, scientific data analytics.

Personality analysis

Gain deeper insights into employee motivations and drivers to improve communication and collaboration.

Provides clear reports

Easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams with clear, concise reports.

Assists in recruiting

Improve hiring success by identifying candidates with the right traits for specific roles.

Meet our founder

Geertje Dam is a work and organizational psychologist and is the founder of TAEMio. She is intrigued by working with extremes, the extremes in people – the ‘Top Performers’ and the ‘Toxic’, Success and Failure. Assembling top teams, predicting risks and success. Gaining insight into the ‘why’ when it comes to people and Performance is her (data-driven) focus. Everyone has an opinion about People, Talent, Teams, and Performance. It’s her passion to substantiate these opinions with data, science, and figures.

Next to being an enterpreneur, Geertje has been guest lecturer for the University of the Groningen honours college for more than 20 years. Geertje is also the creator of the Corporate Identity Model (CIM) which is frequently used within the TAEMio system. We are proud to say: TAEMio is female founded.

Meet the team

Geertje Dam

Consultant & Co founder

Leo Wijnsma

CTO & Co founder

Schelte Meinsma

CEO & Co founder

Gerko Riedstra


IJje-Roel Teertstra

Front-end developer, webdesigner

Froucke Strijker

TAEMio consultant, data analyst

Guido Cnossen


Kelvin Kuiper


Mia Brooks

Lead Developer

Lucy Wedzinga

Financial Controller

Simon Molenaar

Sales Manager

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