Our Frequently Asked Questions answered:

For employers/HR

For App users

For employers/HR

TAEMio is an online tool that pursues team optimization. The tool allows you to invite users by email address, who will then receive an invitation to play the game. The game consists of swipes and creates a profile on a personal, team, and corporate level, consisting of scientifically validated personality tests. Thereafter you can see where your strengths and pitfalls are as an individual, as a group, and as an organization!

Yes, the moment you sign up here, you will immediately enter a demo environment where you can take a look at what TAEMio is capable of!

TAEMio is suitable for HR-employees, team leaders, and managers who would like to gain unique insights into the strengths and development points of their teams. In addition, TAEMio offers each individual user a personality profile, based on scientifically validated tests.

In TAEMio, a company admin has the ability to view user profiles. However, users have the option to remain anonymous within the app, making their data inaccessible to the admin.

Additionally, there are team admins. Their access is limited to viewing data of the team members within their designated teams only.

The team analysis is avalaible once 3 non-anonymous users have completed all questions.

In the corporate analysis, all users are included. In the team analysis, only members of that specific team are taken into account.

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A number of personality tests are used in TAEMio. For example: BIG-5 test, Action Typing, Disc, Belbin and more. There is also the possibility to add more later on.

Certainly. Sign up for the partner program here.

For App users

In order for or questionnaires to be reliable and valid, we need to have a significant amount of answers. However, because swiping is so intuitive, you will reach the end in no time!

Your company admin and your team admin can see your personal profile. However, they can not see your answers on individual questions. You can also choose to become an anomymous user: then you will be the only one with access to your data.

There are two reasons:

  1. We like the swiping to be fun and intuitive: with these ‘fun’ questions we take your mind of the more heavy personality questions and try to encourage you to answer questions from your gut feeling, and not think about it too long.
  2. We would like to draw conclusions in the future from these data: for example, do all Raccoons love Nike?

Mobile app

Download the TAEMio mobile app for iOS or Android and get started right away!