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Modern employee engagement

Paper surveys? Surveys via e-mail? That's outdated. Meet TAEMio: the easy and modern way to track employee engagement. Make smarter decisions with clear feedback.

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Periodic updates via validated Pulses

Weekly or monthly short questionnaires such as: what are the effects of new company policies? Measure the effect of leadership change, innovation, and much more.

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Optimize teams based on personality

Build teams by matching personality types. Figure out any team conflicts and their causes. Spot and address any unhealthy team dynamics or even better: toxic leaders.

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TAEMio takes the stage

Get to know TAEMio better. This video introduces its main parts and benefits. It also gives a glimpse of our TAEMio rockstars. Join us on this quick tour!

TAEMio takes the stage


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Intuitive swiping

Answering questions in the TAEMio app is super intuitive. Because there are no multiple choice options or written responses, the app simply asks users to rely on their first instinct. Either swipe left or right, based on what your gut is telling you. This encourages users to trust their intuition and not overthink. The swiping mechanic is interactive and engaging, making the decision-making process more enjoyable for users: it does not feel the same as a long, boring personality test.


Users of the app can stay anonymous as long as they like. They can choose when they want to unveil their identity – if at all. However, without sharing their profile with the team admin, they will not have access to their personal report. Only a brief overview of the user is available. Anonymous users will also not be incorporated in the overall team or company results.

Personal insights

After swiping about 200 questions, you will receive a personal report. This report is extremely insightful and tells you about your own personality. Your personal animal will be determined, as well as your score on the big five personality traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticisim.

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