Corporate Identity Model

Personality (the Big Five of OCEAN) is a complex combination of five personality traits that predict behavior. Personality is fairly stable throughout your life. The five personality traits are:

  • Openness (inventive/curious/open minded/ vs pragmatic/cautious/conservative)
  • Conscientiousness (efficient/organized/methodical/ vs reactive/flexible/improvising)
  • Extraversion (assertive/energetic/takes charge vs reserved, self-reflective)
  • Agreeableness (kind/caring/group norms vs challenging/skeptical/personal norms)
  • Neuroticism (sensitive/worrying vs calm/sure)

Our Corporate Identity Model is a visual representation of a person or a team, that combines the Big 5 personality traits. It gives you a quick and clear picture of a person or team’s characteristics at a glance.


Apart from neuroticism, each personality trait corresponds with 1 corner in the corporate identity model. Each corner represents a business outcome:

  • Engagement & Wellbeing: Optimizing individual and group conditions.
  • Innovation & Change: Acquiring new products, markets and future opportunities.
  • Operational Excellence: Continuous improvement and cost reduction.
  • Autonomous Growth: Maximizing results and output.

With the CIM, you can predict personal or team success for the four specific business outcomes. Find out if your team is well-suited for innovation, for example!

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