Employee engagement

Employee engagement includes the involvement and enthusiasm of employees. It is about the degree to which employees feel involved in your organization, the willingness they have to continue to work for your organization and the urge to go the extra mile. Furthermore, committed employees are loyal, focused, enthusiastic, and want to grow, both on a personal level, and with the company and team. That’s how you achieve your goals as a company.

Do you want to get started with increasing employee engagement in your company? With TAEMio, employee engagement is measurable, and monitored on a monthly basis. Do you want to know more? Keep on reading!

Why is employee engagement important?

Employees make decisions that affect the performance of your company every day. Employee involvement can make or break these decisions and thus the results of your company. A Gallup study concludes that companies with highly engaged people are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable. Employees’ absenteeism is lower and customer reviews are more positive. Commitment and well-being is measured within TAEMio by means of a monthly pulse. Want to read more about pulses?


Which factors increase employee engagement?

  • The right person in the right role;
  • Investments in employee well-being;
  • Express recognition;
  • Ask employees for feedback and respond to it;
  • Transparency about business activities and results;
  • Freedom for employees to make their own decisions;
  • Communication about involvement.
Employee engagement

How do you measure employee engagement?

Do you want to get started with the involvement of your employees? Before you can increase employee engagement, you have to be able to measure it. This can be done, for example, by means of short surveys or conversations. The disadvantage of these methods is that they are often outdated and employees can adopt a socially desirable attitude. TAEMio offers a modern way of measurement within your team and organization! The status and development of engagement within your organization and teams is measured by means of monthly recurring pulses. You also see where you, as a team or company, score strongly and where you can still improve.

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Measure employee engagement with TAEMio

TAEMio analyzes your team, based on validated personality tests, interests and preferences. It’s easy: create a team in TAEMio, invite employees to download the app and play the game. This way, every employee builds up a personal profile in a playful way. The application of gamification encourages giving answers based on intuition instead of what is socially desirable. All team members together form the team profile, in which an extensive overview appears about where your team currently stands.

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