People Analytics

Optimizing teams step-by-step:

  • Empower your employees by providing them with room for error and making decisions.
    When teams have more control over the choices to be made within a project, their engagement will grow. At the same time, their sense of responsibility, and urgency will grow.
  • Make sure employees know what their contribution’s value is.
    By showing your team how their efforts affect a project, it will become clearer what the role of everyone in the team is and how they contribute at an individual level. For example, employees may be reluctant to express uncertainties within a project because they do not want to appear incapable or incompetent.
  • Set clear goals.
    By setting measurable goals (SMART) in advance, there is more overview within a project and everyone knows what is expected of him/her.

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TAEMio: Data Driven Team Optimization


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