TAEMio is an online tool that pursues team optimization. The tool allows you to invite users by email address, who will then receive an invitation to play the game. The game consists of swipes and creates a profile on a personal, team, and corporate level, consisting of scientifically validated personality tests. Thereafter you can see where your strengths and pitfalls are as an individual, as a group, and as an organization! Do you want to know more? Check out this page.

Yes, the moment you sign up here, you will immediately enter a demo environment where you can take a look at what TAEMio is capable of!

You can start immediately by signing up here !

TAEMio can be used for €50,- per individual user. In addition, it is possible to purchase different quantities per team or organization for a reduced rate. For a complete overview, check out this page!

You can download your personal profile by requesting it in the app, after playing the game. In addition, overviews are drawn up per team and organization, which are available on the dashboard! These profiles and overviews are an excellent basis for development at every level; personal, team, and corporate!

The TAEMio app is available on iOS and Android. A link will be included in the game invitation that will take you directly to the download page! In addition, the dashboard is currently optimized for your desktop, using your web browser.

TAEMio is suitable for HR-employees, team leaders, and managers who would like to gain unique insights into the strengths and development points of their teams. In addition, TAEMio offers each individual user a personality profile, based on scientifically validated tests. The tool is available to sports teams who want to improve their performance as well, up to 20 team members for free!

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