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TAEMio in 6 steps

  1. Subscribe for a demo-account (and preview our dashboard, profiles, and analyses);
  2. Activate your desired amount of user slots;
  3. Invite your colleagues via e-mail;
  4. Your colleagues open their mail and download our app;
  5. Swipe away! (10-20 minutes);
  6. Download and view your personal-, team-, and corporate analyses!
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Every animal has its own behavior

Just like the TAEMio animals. The answers to our questions are bundled and represent an axis of a model or outcome of aforementioned scientific models. Within the OCEAN-model for example, every individual is measured on five dimensions: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. These different models together form the basis of the characters of our animals, which each have different habits, preferences, and properties. Besides that, TAEMio offers insights in how you can achieve your goals within your team, or change your recruitment strategy, based on personality traits.

Realtime Pulses® as your management assistent!

To top things off, Pulses® are incorporated in TAEMio in order to measure your company’s heartbeat. These Pulses® provide you with insights of points of attention, or -areas in your company of your choice. For example, do you want to know how your employees experience working from home, or how willing they are to change? Pulses® provide you with answers straightaway. By connecting the Pulses® to personal profiles, TAEMio is smart and interprets each individual signal as desired. Excited?

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TAEMio: Data Driven Team Optimization


The game stimulates employees to answer based on intuition

Unique team analyses

Create unique insights and gain in depth knowledge

Team Pulses®

Measure the employee engagement of your team and more!

Validated tests

Scientifically validated personality tests form the basis of TAEMio

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