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Optimize your teams by analyzing your workforce. Match on personality, culture, and more. Support your onboarding process, recruitment, and strategic decisions with TAEMio!

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Why TAEMio?

Personal and team analyses, and Pulses®. Measure your company's heartbeat. Recognize talent, points of development, and scan your current and desired culture!


Know what is going on in your organization. Real time, online.

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Team Optimization

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Photo of Froucke Strijker

Froucke Strijker

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Geertje Dam

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Gerko Riedstra

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Leo Wijnsma

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Marielle Borgman

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Schelte Meinsma

Employee engagement in a modern way

TAEMio replaces the traditional periodical evaluation with a modern way of measuring. A mobile app provides users with measurements on engagement, well-being, and vitality within your teams.

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Periodic updates

Choose which Pulses® you want to active, in order to keep yourself posted. Experience real time insights in your teams and organization. Discover the true effects of changes in strategy or leadership changes. Pulses® provide you with the real answers.

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Unique team insights

Discover the interests, personality, and ambitions of team members based on their profiles. An algorithm determines how teams can improve: do you miss certain qualities in your team, or do you need anything else in order to achieve your goals? Grow your team, improve collaboration, and achieve your goals. TAEMio is able to discover what is needed.

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TAEMio: Data Driven Team Optimization

Meet the Taem

Meet the Team